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It’s one thing to notice a new haircut, it’s another entirely to randomly treat your famous, 63-year-old boss like the stuck-up co-worker you’re trying to get to like you.

Blatant brownnosing, and Diane’s no fool: “No I don’t,” she replies. We don’t understand Erin’s attraction to Duncan — we can’t imagine him eating without soiling his facial hair, and he’s needy.

“I don't let people walk all over me, and I will stand up for myself, and I don't think that that necessarily came through on the show,” Port says.

“Especially towards the end, I was sort of 'the victim,' like everything was happening to me and I was just letting it happen to me, and that really is not who I am in real life.”“It was a really, really cool opportunity and a very unique one,” she reflects.

In "Mingling with the Commoners," plenty of tension (and more than a little class warfare) was in the air between Whitney, Olivia Palermo and Jay Lyon. Aspiring fashionista Whitney Port may be sufficiently blond and likable to pass as a reality TV star. That may be trouble, not only for Port's fledgling show, The City, a spinoff of the hugely successful The Hills, but for the whole documentary-soap genre that Lauren and her cohorts pioneered, according to the UK's Globe and Mail.

"There was no cheating or anything like that, she’s just finally fed up."Since we’re a little jilted about whether reality romances are real or fake (especially after the Heidi Spencer-Spencer Pratt "wedding") whether Whitney and Jay were really dating at all is suspect.

But for those of you who watch the show and were rooting for them as a couple, it appears that things are over for now.

"I actually was home — not that I’m not always home for Thanksgiving, I’m from L. — but I was at my mom’s house for Thanksgiving and a bunch of family was in town, and we decided, since we had nothing to do, that we would pop in old Hills DVDs," the former reality star, 31, told Us Weekly Video of her TV marathon. "Some of those first couple episodes were really fun, where — even though I'm in a different relationship now [with husband Tim Rosenman] — you're seeing my relationship unfold with [ex] Jay [Lyon] and I'm like this little innocent kid in a big city.

"I feel like my favorite memories were probably from The City," she shared.

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Lesson 1: Interacting with the legendary fashion-designer boss.

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